Youth Volunteering

Young people doing good things - Volunteering can change your world, whoever you are and whatever you are into.

Why Volunteer?

There're loads of benefits to doing something for a good cause. You learn new skills, meet new people, and help your career - all at the same time as doing some good in the world.

Choosing to volunteer in your community means that you're making it a better place to live.

  • Enjoy chatting to people? You could volunteer at an event, local café or shop
  • Love sport? There're local sports clubs looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help out
  • What about travelling? Try a different part of the world to expand your horizons

And that’s not all the opportunities...

Gain Skills

Employers, Universities, Colleges love volunteering. Volunteering demonstrates transferable skills. Having volunteering on your CV will help you to stand out from the crowd. By donating your time to others you can become a skilled person - someone that employers, universities and colleges want.

Wherever you want to go in life, volunteering can help you get there.

"By volunteering I got more job interviews and ended up getting a job. I feel like a different person, honestly you gotta give it a go, if you don’t you’ll regret it, best thing you can do, giving something back."

Do good, feel good

Volunteering is really flexible and it’s rewarding too. Doing good things makes you feel great. Plus, you get to control when, where you do it and how much of your time you can commit.

Volunteering can change your world:

  • Whoever you are
  • Wherever you are
  • Whatever you’re into

Put your time to great use. Help people. Learn lots. Have fun doing new things.

Interested in Volunteering? 

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