Top Volunteering Opportunities

Here is a list of our top volunteering opportunities.

Are You Thinking about Volunteering?

Want to volunteer but unsure what opportunity is right for you? Contact us and we can help! There is now a range of NON Covid-19 opportunity available for ages 18+ (some for 16+) which can include, charity shops, telephone and face to face befriending, driving, some outdoor volunteering, fundraising, remote support, shopping, sports chats, to name a few.

Volunteer at our Youth Clubs in Wick and Colwinston

Colwinston Youth Club has provided activities for young people aged 11 and over for almost 40 years. We are an entirely voluntary group and rely on volunteers to deliver all aspects of our service. Without volunteers our club cannot function. To ensure that this vibrant club remains open Volunteer Helpers aged 14+ are required for general supervision, arts and craft and sporting activities and running a small tuck shop.

Volunteer Supporting Victims of Crime

As a Victim Support Telephone volunteer aged 18+, we will train you to support victims from the first time you meet them until they feel strong enough to move forward on their own. You will listen to their concerns and make sure that their needs are met.

Telephone Recovery Support Volunteers

Volunteers aged 18+ are required to support our members and volunteers over the phone when, for whatever reason they cannot attend the centre or they need additional support.

Can you help as a Volunteer Driver?

The Greenlinks Community Transport Service is a friendly professional community travel service, providing low cost travel to individuals and community groups in the Vale of Glamorgan.