Consortium Working Toolkit

Glamorgan Voluntary Services (GVS) is pleased to announce that its Third Sector Consortium Toolkit is now available. It contains useful information for individuals or groups who are thinking of working together in a consortium.

The Toolkit contains Top Ten Tips for creating and working in a consortium, information on the barriers to consortium working and how to overcome them, guidance on consortium working with large funders and support with tendering for goods and services.

The Toolkit has been produced following a successful, three year, Consortium Development Project managed by GVS and funded by the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Voluntary Action Scheme. Over 160 meetings were attended by GVS’s Consortium Development Officer, 12 consortia were developed, three attracted funding and another is working well as a partnership. The funding received represents a seven-fold return on the Council’s initial grant investment. One full-time and six part-time posts have been created and over 40 organisations have worked together on projects and developed valuable contacts and knowledge and understanding of each other’s work.

Download or view the Consortium Working Toolkit