GVS Funding

GVS works with partners to administer various funds available in The Vale of Glamorgan. The following is a list of funds that we are currently administering.


Small Grants Scheme for Vale of Glamorgan Groups

GVS, with thanks to funding from Comic Relief, is administering a small grants scheme to help voluntary groups in the Vale of Glamorgan.  

Small grants are available up to a maximum of £500.  The grant can be used to:

  • Maintain or increase activities that support the vulnerable during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic; and/or
  • Ensure third/voluntary sector organisations have the resources needed to deliver vital services for their communities; and/or
  • Encourage stringent health and safety protocols during all activities that safeguard third/voluntary sector staff, volunteers and beneficiaries. 

This can include for example preparation for re-opening services as lockdown continues to relax, helping organisations to diversify/develop new or improve existing skills, purchase of technology/equipment to support changing service delivery or equipment needed to ensure health & safety protocols are met to protect staff, volunteers and service users.

The grant can be used to purchase equipment for your group, to go towards printing leaflets and flyers or for any activity relating to benefit or support to your community during this crisis.

Comic Relief, through this Grant Scheme also want to support projects that also contribute to any or all of their four main themes: ‘Children Survive and thrive’; Mental Health; Gender Equality and ‘A Safe Place to Be’. 

To be eligible you must satisfy the following brief criteria:

  1. Be based in the Vale of Glamorgan
  2. Working in direct response to the COVID 19 outbreak or working to at least one of the Comic Relief themes
  3. Working for the benefit of your local community

Applications from businesses, groups outside the Vale of Glamorgan or individuals will not be considered.

If you have previously received funding from GVS, you are welcome to apply. However, you must apply for something different to previous applications.


If you have any problems downloading the application pack, please contact: enquiries@gvs.wales


Dish Out Dosh

Are you part of a youth volunteering project led by 14-25 year olds in the Vale of Glamorgan or are you looking for a project to start up?
Glamorgan Voluntary Services (GVS) is delighted to announce that it has received the funding to reopen our Youth Grant Scheme for youth led projects in the Vale of Glamorgan, with grants available for COVID related projects involving young volunteers.
Applications will require the following information: Name of Organisation; a brief paragraph describing the project; a project budget.
Please email paul@gvs.wales for further information and to receive an application form.  Email applications are the preferred based on the current climate.  Please send your completed application to paul@gvs.wales
Deadline for receiving completed applications is midday on the 7th of December and the maximum amount you can apply for is £900.