Funding Information Sheets

7. Finding and getting money

7.1 Developing a fundraising strategy
7.2 Grants - fit for funding
7.3 Applying to funders
7.3.1 Accounting for volunteers' time in funding applications
7.4 Sources of funding
7.4.1 Small grants
7.4.2 Lottery funding
7.4.3 Trusts and foundations
7.4.4 Welsh Government grant funding
7.4.5 Non-devolved UK Government grant funding
7.4.6 Europe
7.4.7 Funding sources for health and social care projects
7.4.8 Funding sources for sports projects
7.4.9 Funding sources for arts projects
7.4.10 Funding sources for environmental projects
7.4.11 Funding for community buildings
7.4.12 Funding for youth oriented projects
7.4.13 Local funding - Vale of Glamorgan
7.4.14 Funding for places of worship
7.4.15 Funding for International Projects
7.4.16 Funding sources for climate change projects
7.4.17 Funding for history focussed heritage projects
7.5 Loans
7.6.1 Fundraising events
7.6.2 Fundraising legacies
7.6.3 Fundraising donations
7.7 Introduction to procurement
7.7.1 Introduction to tendering
7.7.2 Developing a successful tender
7.7.3 Costing your tender
7.8 Trading
7.8.1 Charity Shops
7.9 Giving (sources of funding)
7.10 Tax effective giving
7.10.1 Introduction to payroll giving
7.10.2 Payroll fundraising
7.10.3 Payroll giving consortia
7.10.4 Introduction to Gift Aid
7.10.5 Gift Aid Promotion
7.10.6 Gift Aid Record Keeping
7.10.7 Gift Aid FAQ
7.11 Corporate funding
7.12 Specialist European Teams
7.13 Working together to raise income
7.14 Community Investment

GVS has additional information sheets which are very useful and appropriate to community and voluntary groups for further information please see our full list of information sheets.