Customer Care Statement

GVS staff will:

  • Observe high standards of personal conduct, including politeness, fairness and sensitivity, and demonstrate integrity, objectivity, competence and confidentiality in carrying out our work
  • Acknowledge all communications promptly
  • Answer all telephone calls promptly or direct all calls to an answering service
  • Respond promptly to all messages left
  • Offer as much information and immediate advice as possible
  • Advise enquirers of the name and contact details for the officer responsible for dealing with their enquiries
  • Make arrangements to provide a service that suits the needs of all stakeholders
  • Make our Complaints Procedure readily available to all
  • Listen to the concerns and views of our stakeholders and consult regularly to ensure that their needs are being met and to continually improve the service
  • Revise this statement on a regular basis in the light of feedback from our stakeholders


Adopted May 2015