Our role is to provide information, advice and guidance on all aspects of volunteering for both volunteers and recruiting organisations. We can recruit volunteers for you if you are a voluntary or community group, social enterprise, CIC or a registered charity.

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Families of Veterans Support Service.Volunteers aged 18+ are required to support children, young people and/or adult family members to have their voice heard at their Family Group Conference (FGC).

Walking Football Leaders aged 18+ are required to deliver walking football to a group of gentlemen aged 55+ years.

Our Change Maker Volunteers help us with our awareness raising and our campaigns. They campaign on local issues, engage with local service providers and decision makers and get involved with our national campaigns.

We are looking for volunteers aged 18+ to assist homeowners/tenants over the age of 60 plus to clear and pass on possessions into the community and to reminisce and share memories that their personal possessions may evoke.

Volunteers aged 18+ are required to support individuals who are currently engaged in various substance misuse projects. You will work in the substance misuse field in many opportunities

Could you help us reach out to unpaid carers in your local area? Many carers do not think of themselves as carers, and don’t know about support available.

Make a difference and have fun with children and adults with special needs. Come and have fun with us whilst we deliver our Touch Trust programme for people of all ages with learning disabilities, autism, complex needs and other vulnerable groups in the community.

With the evenings drawing in and the weather getting colder, lots of older people will not go out. This leaves them isolated and can have an effect on their health and well-being. It is surprising just how many older people have no visitors during the week.

We’re passionate about encouraging everyone to give nature a home and we’re looking for a sociable and inspiring person aged 18+ to be an advocate for the RSPB in the local community. This will involve giving talks to small community groups and being our representative at similar events. Talks will be themed around wildlife, the work of the RSPB and how groups and individuals can support us.

We have hundreds of opportunities available within a large range of categories. Whether you want to volunteer indoors or outdoors we will find you an opportunity to suit your needs and requirements.

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