GVS Training

GVS offer an extensive range of training courses highly relevant to the Voluntary Sector.

Being a Trustee

5th September, 10 am – 12 noon
Cost: £20

This training is ideal for new trustees, as well as current trustees seeking a refresher. It will cover the fundamentals of being a trustee, focussing on the most important aspects of this important role.

By the end of the session, participants will:

  • Understand their roles and responsibilities as a trustee
  • Have an awareness of important supplementary information, including The Essential Trustee
  • Gain a wider understanding of the governance required by different charities to operate effectively

Taking minutes

25th September, 10am - 1pm
Llantwit Major
Cost £20 (GVS member rate)

By the end of the session, participants should:

  • Understand why meetings are needed, what makes a good meeting, the need for minutes and accuracy of reporting
  • Understand the planning of an agenda and the preparation required
  • Explore practical tips and useful words for producing good minutes
  • Consider the blocks to participation


Preparing a sustainable funding strategy

2nd October, 10am – 1pm
Cost £20 (GVS member rate)

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand what a sustainable funding strategy is and why they need one
  • Learn how to explore and extend their fundraising options
  • Be able to construct a realistic and sustainable fundraising strategy
How to organise and run your AGM

3rd October, 10am - 1pm
Llantwit Major
Cost £20 (GVS member rate)

By the end of the session, participants will:

  • Understand the annual cycle of governance
  • Understand the requirements for financial accounting and audit
  • Understand how to organise and run an AGM


Recruiting, Selecting and Managing Volunteers

Pick from any of the dates below:

  • Wednesday 9th October 2019, 10am – 1pm (Llantwit Major)
  • Wednesday 15th January 2020, 10am – 1pm (Llantwit Major)

Cost £20 (GVS member rate)

An ideal training course if you are new to managing volunteers or would like a refresher.

At the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Identify existing and new volunteering roles for volunteers
  • Identify where to recruit volunteers
  • Establish an effective selection procedure
  • Establish a simple guide for managing volunteers


Supervision and Appraisal - an introduction       

10th October 2019, 10am – 1pm (Llantwit Major)      
Cost: £20 GVS Member, £50 Associate Member

The training course will help you:

  • understand the benefits of supervision and appraisal of staff and the organisation
  • recognise the difference between supervision and appraisal
  • develop and implement appropriate systems for supervision and appraisal

This is open to those who are supervising / managing staff for the first time or for those who supervise / manage staff who would like a “refresher”.

An Introduction to Data Protection (including GDPR)

31st October, 10am - 1pm
Llantwit Major
Cost £20 (GVS member rate)

By the end of the session, participants will:-

  • Be able to identify what information is classed as 'personal data' and apply that to their work setting
  • Understand what is lawful data processing
  • Understand how to perform their role in a way that is compliant with data protection requirements (GDPR)
  • Understand the rights of individuals (data subjects)
  • Know how and when to report a data breach, if necessary


Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) 1 day course           

5th November 2019, 9am - 4pm
Llantwit Major     

Who should attend: People who want to receive training in emergency first aid. It is especially suited for nominated first aiders in smaller, low risk working environments

Assessment: Multiple choice questions, and continuous observation by the trainer

Qualification: Successful candidates will receive EFAW certification which is valid for three years. The qualification complies with current HSE Legislation    


Staff recruitment, selection and induction

6th November, 10am - 1pm
Llantwit Major
Cost £20 (GVS member rate)

By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the recruitment process
  • Design job descriptions and person specifications
  • Understand different approaches to recruitment and selection in the context of equality legislation


FOR BOOKINGS: Please complete the training enquiry form at the bottom of this page

Partnership Working – Is it for you?

Date to be arranged - contact GVS for details

Are you considering working in partnership? If so this briefing session may help.

The session will help you:

  • Consider whether a partnership is the right way forward for you and your project
  • Identify the pros and cons of partnership working
  • Recognise what are the most important things to consider if you decide to work in a partnership


Getting fit for funding

Cost £20 (GVS member rate)

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Be able to decide whether their organisation is fit for purpose
  • Understand what resources are required before applying for funding
  • Understand what resources are required if successful with an application
  • Understand the different sources of income
  • Understand the legal requirements and best practice in relation to fundraising


Community Fundraising

Price: £20

Raising funds from local communities through developing volunteer networks.       


How to use Twitter Workshop (the basic complete guide)    

Cost: £40 (Discounted GVS member price)

This workshop is for “Twitter beginners” and people who want to improve their confidence in using it to reach a wider audience. Also, if your organisation is not using social media and you recognise engagement as not just being through face-to-face or e-mail communication, then Twitter is for you! The benefits are endless and it’s a free social media platform.

You will be able to:

  • Set up a Twitter account
  • Send, reply to and delete a tweet
  • Use handles and hashtags effectively
  • Engage in a Twitter conversation
  • Use lists
  • Recognise Twitter etiquette and good practice
  • Choose a Twitter dashboard e.g. Hootsuite or Tweetdeck
  • Integrate Twitter into your social media strategy


DBS Checks & Safer Recruiting

Safer Recruiting is aimed at employers and volunteer managers; it looks at best recruitment practice for roles working with vulnerable groups; the use of DBS checks and how they support safeguarding, what they tell you and how to respond to content; also recruiting where there is no access to checks; and ongoing support options after the appointment of volunteers and staff.


Trustees - Automatic Disqualification - The New Rules


There are new rules regarding Automatic Disqualification of Trustees. It cover the new Automatic Disqualification Rules and what organisation need to do to comply.

Making Every Contact Count briefing session


Making Every Contact Count (MECC) is about encouraging and empowering people to make healthier lifestyle choices to achieve positive long-term behaviour change. The fundamental idea underpinning MECC is simple. It recognises that staff working in health, local authority and voluntary sectors have thousands of contacts every day with individuals from the resident population and are in an ideal position to promote health and healthy lifestyles.

This free session is for third sector organisations and will cover the following:

  • The principles behind MECC.
  • How MECC can be used in everyday settings.
  • Information about health topics, such as physical activity, healthy eating, smoking, alcohol and immunisation and vaccinations.


Get Ready to Tender


Do you want to get your organisation ready for tendering? Want to learn the basics? Then come along to our briefing session!

At the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • improve understanding of the differences between grants and contracts
  • increase knowledge in the area of tendering
  • provide guidance about the tendering process
  • explore the potential of joint working when considering public service delivery

This session will be valuable to Trustees, Managers, Staff and Volunteers of organisations who may be considering tendering for the first time and want to get themselves "up to speed".


How to raise funds (for your charity) using Facebook

TBA, Trainer: Jonathan Pollinger

In this workshop you'll learn how to use Facebook's new tools that will help you raise funds for your charity. You'll be shown how to setup up fundraising campaigns plus add the 'Donate' button to your Page, Posts and Videos.           

A guide to the # and @ in Twitter (Briefing Session)    


A beginners guide to the key elements of using the # and @ in Twitter

Setting up a Facebook page beginners workshop        

Date to be arranged, contact GVS for details.
Cost: £40

How to set up a Facebook page for a community group.

Setting up a personal Facebook Account – 1-2-1 practical session

Date: Your choice, just contact GVS
Price: GVS price £17 per hour (average session lasts 2 hours)

This 1-2-1 session is ideal for people who would like to use Facebook but would benefit from support to set up an account.  The session will include:

  • A brief introduction to Facebook
  • Setting up your own account using your personal information
  • An overview of security settings including altering your privacy to suit your requirements
  • Posting news, adding images and videos and interacting with others

The cost of the session is £17 per hour, per person, with the average session lasting two hours. If you are interested in booking, please contact Mark Stillman at GVS, e-mail: mark@gvs.wales, tel: 01446 741706 with your availability.

This session is an excellent introduction for our Facebook training – “Setting up a Facebook page for your organisation” for which you need to have a personal account.


Additional IT 1-2-1 based courses (delivered by GVS)
GVS is offering computer based IT training in Microsoft Office including Word, Publisher and Access on a 1-2-1 basis. The price of this training for a three hour session costs from just £30 per delegate (up to a maximum of £50 depending on your group’s income). Please contact GVS before enclosing your fee. IT training can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation.

Additional IT 1-2-1 based courses (delivered by an external trainer)
GVS is able to offer additional courses for its members delivered by a local trainer. The course being offered is an Introduction to Microsoft Excel. The course fees are £60 for 3 hours per delegate.


All prices detailed above are GVS member rates; please contact GVS for non-member rates. If you would like to book on any of the courses that doesn't have an eventbrite booking link, either contact GVS using the form below, e-mail us or telephone: 01446 741706 unless otherwise stated.


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